Instructional / Educational  Videos

Animation, Story Boarding, Character Design, Interactive Design, Audio Editing, Learning Management System Integration


This video is a compilation of interactive safety trainings that I produced for Tiffany & Company to educate factory and retail employees on OSHA safety regulations including Injury Reporting, Ergonomics, and Fire Safety 


Tiffany & Co. Interactive Safety Training


This is an instructional video about the Hazard Communications Standard and the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling

Tiffany & Co. Hazard Communication Training

Animation, Story Boarding, Character Design, Interactive Design, Audio Editing


HydroGeoLogic Ergonomics Training Program


Animation, Story Boarding, Character Design, Audio Editing

Secondary Sources 

Narration, Animation, Story Boarding, Audio Editing, Subtitling

City Papers 1800 - 1860

UIUC  History Philosophy and Newspaper Library

I produced a series of educational videos for the University of Illinois History Philosophy and Newspaper Library. Based on the quality of these videos the UIUC Library was awarded three more rounds of grant funding.

Country Papers 1800 - 1860

Narration, Animation, Story Boarding, Audio Editing, Subtitling

Primary Sources 

Narration, Animation, Story Boarding, Audio Editing, Subtitling

Narration, Animation, Story Boarding, Audio Editing, Subtitling

The greatest satisfaction of my work is when I apply my technical skills to tell important stories and facilitate learning for a diverse audience. Bringing stories to life and preserving them for future generations is a passion of mine, even when those stories are emotionally 

challenging. The following video is one of the most difficult animations that I’ve produced 

in collaboration with the ILL Poets Society and Black Lives Matter. It is the story of George Junius Stinny, Jr. the youngest person executed in the US at age 14.

Illustration, Story Boarding, Animation

"My Name Is George Junuis Stinny Jr."

Even when working with tragic content I maintain a positive attitude and collaborate well 

with others. I have extensive technical experience using HD video equipment and production editing software, setting up lighting for video shoots and green screen, and recording and mastering audio for sound design, voice over, and podcasts. I am fluent in Premiere Pro,

After Effects, Photoshop, Captivate, Illustrator, and Media Encoder, and I teach how to use these programs at AS220 Media Arts Lab.

Chris Hampson