C H R I S    H A M P S O N

Artist  Animator  Educator 

I love to bring stories to life

I enjoy sharing what I've learned

I believe in the transformative power of art

The focus of my work is to bring important stories to life and facilitate learning for a diverse audience. I began producing videos for a documentary series about the history of the American Newspaper. In this role I learned to wear many hats: Script Writer, Storyboarder, Animator, and the Narrator. I enjoyed being involved in every stage of the production process and saw each project though from concept to completion. I got to collaborate with Subject Matter Experts and translate their expertise into accessible videos.


The most challenging collaboration I’ve been a part of was with the ‘Ill Poets Society’ in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. I was asked to animate the tragic story of George Junnius Stinny Jr., the youngest person in the US to be executed at age 14. It was very difficult to illustrate the brutal death of this young man, but I knew that it was an important story to tell.


Bringing stories to life is a passion and I am devoted to helping others realize their artistic vision. I share my passion for creating video by teaching video production at a community arts center. I teach both youth and adult courses in Premiere Pro and After Effects.


Here are some animations my students have made:

I also work producing corporate training videos. I led the instructional design for Tiffany & Company’s safety training videos, which included: Fire Safety, Ergonomics, and Injury Reporting. To help employees feel more engaged in the trainings I designed interactive knowledge checks throughout each lesson. I also worked as an Instructional Animator for HydroGeoLogic on videos about OSHA regulations, Munitions Debris Remediation, and the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling. Click here to view the full versions of these projects


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